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Certified Mopar® Brake Pad Replacement in Fenton, MI

When you step on the brake, a hydraulic system magnifies the pressure you put on it and transfers it to the calipers near your wheel. The calipers have brake pads on them made of a special friction-generating material, and those get pushed against the rotors on your wheel to slow the car down. The brake pads naturally wear out, so we provide brake pad replacement at LaFontaine Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM of Fenton to keep your braking power intact.


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The Reason Brake Pads Degrade

If your calipers were to be pushed against your rotor without brake pads, it would quickly cause a lot of damage and wouldn’t be as effective in slowing your car down. Metal against metal isn’t a great way to produce friction, but it is an excellent way to damage the metal. Brake pads provide maximal friction and minimal damage to your rotors, but this comes at the price of heat and friction that wear down the brake pad. That’s why the brake pads eventually need replacement.

Our Certified Technicians Are Brake Pad Replacement Experts

Our technicians are Mopar-certified, which means they know your vehicle better than anyone else. They know exactly how to remove your wheels, expose the calipers, and replace the brake pads so that you can brake as needed. They also know how to put everything back together the way it was, so you get a brake pad replacement that has no chance of causing other problems. Our technicians are here to provide certified brake pad replacement that you can trust.

When You Should Replace Your Brake Pads

If you hear squealing coming from your wheels when you brake, this is a relatively certain sign that you need to replace the brake pads. This squealing comes from a metal shim that’s designed to emit a high-pitched noise when exposed to the rotor, telling you that your brake pads are close to needing replacement. This is usually necessary between 30,000 and 70,000 miles, so it’s good to keep an eye on your brake pads to ensure they’re thick enough to keep you safe.

Brake Pad Replacement


Visit LaFontaine Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM of Fenton for Brake Pad Replacement

We’re your main hub for Mopar® brake pad replacement for Fenton, Holly, Fenton Township, Linden, Argentine Township, and the surrounding areas. We use genuine Mopar® brake pads for your replacement to get factory-like levels of quality every time you replace your brake pads, and we’re happy to help you get your new brake pads installed right. Set up your appointment with our online scheduler or call today!


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