Ram 1500 vs GMC Sierra

When there are tough jobs waiting to be done, you’ll need a rugged and capable machine on your team. The right truck will make your various drives around Fenton and Grand Blanc, Michigan, easier than ever. Two popular options you’ll see out there are the Ram 1500 and GMC Sierra, but which one is right for you?

At LaFontaine Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR) of Fenton, we know how important it is to research your next truck before making a decision. That’s why we’ve made this Ram 1500 vs. GMC Sierra comparison. We break down these two trucks and put them head-to-head so that you can make an informed decision.

Ram 1500 vs GMC Sierra: Fuel Economy

2021 Ram 1500When you’re out and about going between job sites, you’ll want to have a reliable and efficient drive. That means you’ll want to have fewer stops at the gas station that would put your important work on hold. All drivers can agree that saving time and money at the pump is preferred, so a fuel-efficient truck is a must.

The GMC Sierra is a powerful truck that makes fair use of its fuel tank. It has an EPA-estimated MPG of 20 city/23 highway. You can do your daily errands with minimal stops, and trips down the highway will have just a few stops at rest areas.

For an even more efficient ride, the Ram 1500 gives you more bang for your buck and more distance for your gas. It earns an EPA-estimated 20 city/25 highway MPG. You’ll get the same fuel economy in town, and you can travel more down the highway as well.

Combine this extra boost in efficiency with the 23-gallon fuel tank of the Ram 1500 and you’ll see a significant difference that adds up over time.

2021 Ram 1500 vs GMC Sierra: Trim Levels

Modern vehicles have all sorts of available features that enhance your driving experience. The main way you can choose between the many different available amenities is through trim levels. Choice is always a good thing to have, and more trim options for a vehicle means that there are more chances to find one that suits your needs.

The GMC Sierra has five different trim levels for you to consider. They each offer variations and additions to the base trim, including things like engine type and technology features. There are plenty of variations between the trims, though you may have to make some sacrifices to get what you need.

Truck lovers looking for more choice in their next ride can find plenty of options in the Ram 1500. It features eight different trim levels that let you find the exact loadout of features that you need for your drives.

Want a comfortable and relaxing cabin? Look at what the Rebel trim has to offer. Crave some cutting-edge technology? The Ram 1500 Limited has you covered. Want an all-powerful engine? The TRX and its 6.2L Supercharged HEMI® gives you the raw power you need.

Ram 1500 vs GMC Sierra: Our Choice

Your jobs near Fenton and Grand Blanc, MI, need a truck that works for you. We recommend the efficient and customizable Ram 1500 for your next truck.

Visit us at LaFontaine CDJR Fenton and schedule a Ram 1500 test drive today!


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